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E-scooter Display and Key
E-scooter Display and Key Sale price€49,99
H5/H5 PRO charger
H5/H5 PRO charger Sale price€35,99
Escooter Rear FenderEscooter Rear Fender
Escooter Rear Fender Sale price€35,99
H5 brake pads(1 pair)H5 brake pads(1 pair)
H5 brake pads(1 pair) Sale price€29,99
Escooter Shock AbsorptionEscooter Shock Absorption
Escooter Shock Absorption Sale price€45,99
Escooter Controller
Escooter Controller Sale price€99,99
Escooter Battery
Escooter Battery Sale priceFrom €169,99
Escooter charging port
Escooter charging port Sale price€19,99
Escooter Brake Lever
Escooter Brake Lever Sale price€19,99
Escooter Motor rear wheels
Escooter Motor rear wheels Sale price€129,99 Regular price€159,99
Escooter seat
Escooter seat Sale price€49,99
H5/H5 PRO/H5 ABE Brake
H5/H5 PRO/H5 ABE Brake Sale price€55,99
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H5 Escooter communication cable
Escooter handheld
Escooter handheld Sale price€19,99
H5/H5 PRO Headlight switch
H5/H5 PRO Headlight switch Sale price€30,99
Escooter Front Wheel
Escooter Front Wheel Sale price€65,99
Escooter front shock absorber panelEscooter front shock absorber panel
H5/H5 PRO handle
H5/H5 PRO handle Sale price€19,99
Scooter outer box
Scooter outer box Sale price€35,99
H5/H5 PRO LED accessories
H5/H5 PRO LED accessories Sale price€45,99