E-Bike Accessories

Please note that most special accessories are not interchangeable, except for some multifunctional ones. Furthermore we have indicated the compatibility of all accessories on the product page. You will have to bear the responsibility for any problems caused by a wrong purchase. Or you can contact us to confirm before ordering. Can't find what you're looking for? We don't list every component on our website. Please contact us directly (contact@hitway.eu) and we will provide you with parts or repair advice.


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Ebike Battery 01Ebike Battery 01
Ebike Battery 01 Sale priceFrom €259,99 Regular price€279,99
Ebike Battery 02Ebike Battery 02
Ebike Battery 02 Sale priceFrom €259,99
E-bike ThrottleE-bike Throttle
E-bike Throttle Sale price€29,99
E-bike Outer Tire
E-bike Outer Tire Sale price€35,99
E-bike inner tube
E-bike inner tube Sale price€35,99
Display Sale price€49,99
BK2 DisplayBK2 Display
BK2 Display Sale price€49,99
BK5 Display and HandlebarsBK5 Display and Handlebars
BK5 Display and Handlebars Sale price€49,99
BK8S Display and HandlebarsBK8S Display and Handlebars
BK8S Display and Handlebars Sale price€49,99
E-bike Charger
E-bike Charger Sale price€40,99
Right Pedal
Right Pedal Sale priceFrom €15,99
Left Pedal
Left Pedal Sale priceFrom €15,99
E-bike Battery Lock and Key
E-bike Battery Lock and Key Sale price€39,99
Ebike SeatpostEbike Seatpost
Ebike Seatpost Sale price€59,99
Ebike ControllerEbike Controller
Ebike Controller Sale price€129,99
Rear Brake Device
Rear Brake Device Sale price€49,99
E-bike Brake handle (right side)
E-bike Brake handle (left side)
BK6S HeadlightBK6S Headlight
BK6S Headlight Sale price€29,99
Front Brake Device
Front Brake Device Sale price€49,99
Ebike Front Fender
E-bike Front Fender Sale price€40,99
E-bike Front Wheel Hub
E-bike Front Wheel Hub Sale price€75,99
E-bike Bell
E-bike Bell Sale price€19,99
E-bike Saddle
E-bike Saddle Sale price€39,99 Regular price€50,99