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Want a convenient bike? Introducing 4 lightweight bikes from HITWAY.

Want a convenient bike? Introducing 4 lightweight bikes from HITWAY.

Now more and more families own cars, causing traffic jams during rush hours. Traffic jams are a very annoying thing, so now more and more young people like e-bikes. Electric bicycles can make us not worry about it. The problem of traffic jams is also more environmentally friendly and convenient to use.

When choosing an e-bike to travel, it is generally based on its lightness. Compared with three- and four-wheeled models, two-wheeled e-bike can cross streets and alleys and can park anywhere without worrying about traffic jams. Paying for parking is very convenient, practical, and affordable.

There are also many types of e-bikes. When it comes to being light enough, it must be an e-bike. As a model of the new national standard, there is a weight requirement of 55 kg, which is the upper limit required by the "national standard". However, even in the new national standard models, there are subdivided models, among which are power-assisted e-bikes, and their lightness has reached the "ceiling" level.

We will recommend 4 very light e-bikes today, and it has multi-speed shifting, supports fast charging, and has a  long battery life.

1.BK2 Folding E-bike

HITWAY BK2 is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy material, which is rust-proof and light in weight, making it easy to carry out. According to different riding needs, it can be easily applied and switched freely to meet different travel needs.

BK2 is equipped with a frequency conversion control system, using chips to integrate electrical components, combined with the self-developed G-Drive frequency conversion control system, breaking through the traditional motor drive mode, and can quickly receive motors, sensors, batteries, meters, and combination switches. Transmit signals, effectively reduce energy loss, increase battery life, and improve power display accuracy.

 2.BK5 Folding E-bike

In terms of safety and comfort, HITWAY BK5 adopts an air suspension shock absorption system, a twelve-fold air suspension shock absorption system, and the front fork double shock absorber adopts an air shock absorption design. A 100-pound hidden shock absorber is installed, a 300-pound double-spring shock absorber seat is installed at the rear, and a 200-pound quadruple spring and seat tube shock are used. The aluminum alloy frame provides passengers with a stronger sense of comfort.

3.BK6 Foldng E-bike

HITWAY BK6 is a power-assisted e-bike made of high-carbon steel frame. It has an avant-garde shape that many people will never forget. It adopts a streamlined model and has a very fashionable design. With a high degree of recognition, the vehicle must have a good return rate when driving on the road.

In addition to its distinctive appearance, the HITWAY BK6 also has a very good battery life. As a model, it has 3 riding modes: pure electric mode, manual mode, and assist mode. In manual mode, 7-speed Shimano transmission system and mechanical transmissions can be realized, and you can experience a special acceleration experience. In assist mode, you can experience an unexpectedly fast driving experience.

4.BK8 Commuter e-bike

The BK8 is an attractive commuter e-bike with a lightweight aluminium frame and weighs just 24.25kgs.

As an extremely lightweight model, the vehicle is equipped with an aluminum-magnesium alloy 250W permanent magnet brushless motor, which can ensure basic climbing performance, and can shuttle freely in the city. It has a light feel, precise shifting and short shifting time. No chain drop, no chain stuck, and very quiet.

The above are four lightweight electric bicycles recommended for everyone. Their advantages are light weight and high battery life. Would you like such a model? Which one do you prefer?

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